Each of us has an inner athlete, you just have to be willing to work to find him. A 20 year-old boy's journey to fitness and self-acceptance.SW: 210 CW: 165 UGW: to be better than yesterday

Hello to all you lovelies!! So I have failed to post a progress pic this year and have been promising one for a long time now, so FINALLY it is here!! It has been over a year since I decided to start my fitness journey and what a journey has it been. I have grown so much as a person since then, physically and even more mentally. I have learned to accept those things that I cannot change and to take action to transform those things that I can and want to change. I completely revised the way I looked at food; it is not my enemy, it is my fuel and my nourishment and how my body feels and performs largely depends on what I give it as energy. I have also learned not to let the scale determine my goals and my progress. As you can see my weight is exactly the same as my weight a year ago and my body clearly looks different from then. Remember that weight does not determine fitness or healthiness at all. 

I love you all so much. This community has taught me so much about not only how to get healthy, but to stay healthy. You guys are my inspiration and my drive and I will never be able to thank you enough. Whenever you feel like it is too hard or that things are moving too slowly, remember that we have all been there and that it is fine to feel like that, but don’t let that control you and keep going! :)

And, for those of you who are interested in following my fitness journey, you can follow me by clicking here

Love you all!

Stay beautiful, 

- Alejandro

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